Where's Bucky?

Last week, Bucky hiked five miles and descended 1500 feet to the bottom of Dead Man Canyon in the Sierra Nevada to enjoy the Hidden Falls.

Bucky recently had a hematoma removed from his paw, but he’s doing fine.  He’s a bit restless as he isn’t allowed outside except to do his business for another week and he’s stuck in a cone until then.  But he can’t wait, because he’s also preparing for another fantastic cross-country road-trip!


Due to an unforseen and extremely positive development, Where’s Bucky is being put on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.   I hope to return to sharing Bucky’s photos later this year or early next year.  In the meantime, here’s one final photo of Bucky from the Texas Hill Country, taken near Kerrville.

From San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel to Seattle’s Experience Music Project, Bucky’s on a month-long tour to explore where rock and roll lives.  Join him as he lays his paws in the iconic locations where rock legends like The Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, and the Rolling Stones made history.  Bucky’s Great American West Rock and Roll Tour – photos coming this Summer.  And look for Bucky to return with more photos on Where’s Bucky? starting Feb. 25.  As John and Yoko said, Peace and Love.  See you next month!

LOCATION: San Antonio, TX.  Yes. That’s the Alamo.  And no.  There’s no basement in the Alamo.

Bucky will back next week with another photo from his trips.  During this Holiday season, Bucky encourages you to help a dog in need by adopting from your local shelter or rescue organization.  You’re likely to find the best, most deserving of companions, old and young, just like Bucky.

LOCATION: Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station, Herald, CA.  This nuclear power plant went online in 1974 and was closed by public referendum in 1989.  It was owned and operated by the Sacramento Municiple Utility District (SMUD).  A steam generator dryout at the plant in 1978 has been deemed by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission to be the third most serious nuclear plant incident in the United States, following Three Mile Island and Browns Ferry.  The Rancho Seco facility has been modified to be a solar energy plant.   Bucky also enjoys the rather large natural park next door which was originally part of the protective barrier around the plant.

He’ll be back Dec. 17